We Don't Just Teach. We Inspire.

We do this by not only designing a great experience but doing it with the utmost care. It is our responsibility to do much more than just teach treatment techniques and deliver exceptional continuing education. You deserve more than the minimum and we believe your patients deserve more. We create our courses with a total focus on you leaving the course with the capability and confidence to immediately apply what you have learned.

At GLS, you'll learn proven


We create our courses with a total focus on ensuring you leave with the confidence needed to immediately apply what you have learned. Using what you have learned to immediately help your patients is inspiring to you and to us.

Courses are taught by instructors who


Our gifted instructors are truly passionate about teaching. They care about your development and experience at their course. Our instructors focus on making sure you have a positive experience and inspire you to reach greatness.

You'll leave the class ready to make an


Our goal is to inspire you on your journey to be a truly great physical therapist, to help you treat your patients better than ever before, and to have fun while doing it. We believe that clinicians are seeking greatness and we will do everything we can to make sure how we teach inspires better care.

A GLS Registrant's Story

“The seminars and instructors are simply great. After taking the seminar, the outlook to analyze the patient's problem changes almost completely. The techniques taught in the course are extremely useful, beneficial, and can actually be used on Monday morning on the patients. You get a chance to practice each technique and understand the benefit it provides. Instructors are great and have in-depth knowledge of the subject and are always ready to help during the course. Patrick is great at getting back to you through e-mail if you need any help with the treatment of a patient or have questions related to the field. I would strongly recommend these courses to my colleagues and friends.”

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