Host a Public Course with GLS

Great Lakes Seminars is committed to bringing an exceptional course to your facility without the hassle of a complicated hosting process.

Public Course Process

We're always considering courses in new areas across the United States, or adding hosts in cities that we regularly visit. While we can't guarantee a public course hosting opportunity with each request, we'll be sure to review and respond to all submissions.


We set our schedule of public courses and desired locations before host facilities are chosen. Host facilities are then secured in the fall for the following year. Here are a few factors that determine which courses are brought to an area.

  • Geographic Location
  • Instructor Availability
  • Course rotation in each city (we typically do not hold the same course in the same area within 3 years)


Public Course Highlights

  • Every host facility receives 3 employee free spots in the course. All facility employees beyond the 3 free spots will receive a Course Host Employee Discount of $150 off, which can be applied directly at checkout by your employees.
  • Food purchased for the course will be reimbursed by GLS after the course.
  • For more information including equipment, space and food requirements, course logistics and more, please download the Public Course Hosting Details PDF.

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