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6 Misconceptions About Physical Therapy… Debunked!

In this blog post, we address 6 common misconceptions about physical therapy and aim to correct them. Physical therapy offers rather unique treatment techniques that often lay within the “grey space” of manual medicine......
enhancing clinical decision making

Enhancing Clinical Decision Making in Physical Therapy

This blog explores key strategies for enhancing clinical decision-making in physical therapy practice. By implementing these evidence-based methods, you can significantly improve patient outcomes and elevate the quality of care you provide....
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Benefits of Hosting a Private Course

In this blog post, discover the benefits of hosting a private CEU course for your team. We hit an all-time record number of private courses scheduled for this year and popularity continues to increase....

New Grad Success Guide

In this blog post, we explore 7 things you should do as a new grad right after graduation. Approach this new chapter with intention and become your best self....
Improving Balance for Elderly

5 Effective Exercises for Improving Balance in Elderly Patients

In this blog post, we explore 5 effective exercises to help improve balance and prevent falls for elderly patients. Learn how to help enhance stability and independence in older adults as they age....
Servant-Based Leadership

Servant-Based Leadership in Physical Therapy

In this blog post, we explore servant-based leadership in physical therapy and how it plays a pivotal role in advancing patient care, advocating for the profession, nurturing relationships, and inspiring others to excel....
Manage your Patient Load

4 Tips for Successfully Managing Patient Load

Regardless of your specific work setting, efficient patient load management is crucial for providing quality care and avoiding stress at work. By effectively managing your patient load, you can ensure that each patient receives the...

The Importance of the Test-Treat-Retest Concept

I have the pleasure of doing the AV for many of our Live Hybrid courses, so I get to see our great instructors in action. The instructors of the last few courses (MFR, Anatomy and...
registrant practicing techniques at a CEU Course

Mastering What You Learn in a Course

A key to any continuing education course that you attend is to implement what you have learned, and to do it as soon as possible. You often leave a course excited about what you have...

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