Great Lakes Seminars is here to make your learning experience a positive one. If you do not see your question covered below, please contact us.

Yes, please click here to view all our available discounts.

All our in-person and live hybrid course approvals can be found at this link: https://glseminars.com/resource-center/con-ed-approvals/

All our live webinar approvals can be found listed toward the bottom of each webinar page.

If you have any specific approval questions, feel free to email us at info@glseminars.com.

When viewing the general Course Schedule page, the course blocks will display the the available courses and how many spots are available, if less than 10 or if a course is full.

If a course is full, you are still able to register and join the waiting list. See below for “How does the waiting list work?”

If a course is full and you register to join the waiting list, you will not be charged for the registration. This will place you on the waiting list and you will be contacted immediately via email if and when a spot becomes available. At that time, you will have 1 hour to claim the spot before it is offered to the next person on the waitlist.

GLS typically rotates the courses that we bring to a city. This may mean that a course will be in your area every other year if you live in an area that we visit often such as Chicago, IL or Newark, NJ. The rotation could be 4 or more years in other locations.
Unfortunately, you cannot register for our Synthesis course until all prerequisite courses are completed. We understand that you may already be registered for the last one or two required courses, but we also know that sometimes there are uncontrollable circumstances that could prevent you from taking those courses. Because of this, we want to be respectful to other potential registrants who have completed the courses to have seats available.

Our courses are lab-intensive and it is suggested that you wear or bring appropriate clothing. We suggest wearing athletic clothing that will allow for you to move freely. More detailed clothing instructions will be provided in your Course Instructions email.

A fragrance-free environment helps create a safe and healthy learning space. Please, no heavy perfumes, cologne, lotions, etc.

No, there is no pre-work for any of our courses. We will present the appropriate background information at the beginning of the course to set you up for a successful experience.

We do send out study materials for our Synthesis CIMT Certification course once registrations are reviewed and verified.

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