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Great Lakes Seminars is here to make your learning experience a positive one. If you do not see your question covered below, please contact us.

When viewing the general Course Schedule page, the course blocks will display the the available courses and how many spots are available if less than 10 or if a course is full.

If a course is full you are still able to register and join the waiting list. See below for "How does the waiting list work?" 

If a course is full and you register to join the waiting list, you will not be charged for the registration. This will place you on the waiting list and you will be contacted via email if and when a spot becomes available. Spots may become available up until the day prior to the course. 

Keep in mind for all registrations that your registration is not officially completed until payment has been completed. 

GLS gets approval for all courses in the states (along with many neighboring states) that we go during that year. Click here to view each state’s specific requirements along with the specific course information and appropriate continuing education details. All approvals for courses for that state are listed, along with the applicable approval number if there is one.

If you have a question about a course that is not listed in your state or any other continuing education question, please email us.

Please note that we also have all our courses approved through the FSBPT, Federated State Boards of Physical Therapy. This approval is a “blanket” approval accepted by 32 states, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Our courses may very well may be accepted by your state board, even if we are not taking a specific course to your state.

The American Physical Therapy Association, APTA, does not approve continuing education courses. GLS gets approval for all of the courses that we bring to a state.  Please check your state in the Continuing Education section of our website for specific approval details.

We make it easy to search courses by location. From our homepage, you can navigate to the course schedule by clicking “Courses” at the top of the page or the “Search Courses” block near the middle left of the page. You will be able to filter your options by the course subject, city, and month to quickly see the course locations closest to you.

GLS typically rotates the courses that we bring to a city. This may mean that a course will be in your area every other year if you live in an area we go to often such as Chicago, Newark or the Bay area in California. However, it could be 4 or more years if you are in a location that we only go to 2 or 3 times each year.

GLS course certificates are no longer printed for registrants to receive at the course. Your certificate will be emailed to you as a PDF directly upon completion of the course. If you are unable to locate your certificate, email or call us with your name, the course name/location and the course date. We are happy to resend you the document for your records.

Unfortunately, you cannot register for our Synthesis course until all required prerequisite courses are completed. We understand that you may already be registered for the last one or two required courses, but we also know that sometimes there are uncontrollable circumstances that could prevent you from taking those courses. Because of this, we want to be respectful to other potential registrants who have completed the courses to have seats available.

The course is lab-intensive and it is suggested that you wear appropriate clothing. We suggest wearing athletic clothing that will allow for you to move freely and treat or be treated in correlation to the course subject.

A fragrance-free environment helps create a safe and healthy learning space. Please, no heavy perfumes, cologne, lotions, etc.

The specific course locations are listed on our website when you click on a specific a course. You will see it displayed just below the host facilities name. The location is also included in your course instructions email received after registration is complete.

If a course location is to change, you will receive an automated email notification with the updated address and/or facility name.

Our schedule for the following year is typically posted on our website in June or July. It may take a few months to get most of the course locations set and listed on the website. All course locations should be listed approximately 4-5 months before a course is held at the very latest. Until then, you may see “City name, State – TBD”.

This is determined on a state-by-state basis. Contact us and provide us the specific state you are wondering about and we would be happy to let you know.

Nope, we will present the appropriate background information to you at the beginning of the course on the first morning to set you up for a successful experience.

We do send out study materials for our Synthesis CIMT certification course once registrations are reviewed and verified.

Yes. Please click here to view our discounts page.

Please click here to review our cancellation policy.