Corrective Exercise: Assessing Movement and Treatment Strategies to Enhance Exercise

Course Description

This course will empower you to think critically beyond traditional exercises to create and enhance individualized rehab programs to best serve your patients. You'll learn the concepts of neuroplasticity and stability motor control to help to enhance patient outcomes through exercise, as well as the "why" behind each exercise so you can confidently apply techniques to particular patient needs. By the end of the day, you'll be able to incorporate movement analysis, corrective exercise techniques, and motor control retraining to customize your rehab programs and effectively progress your patients toward their specific goals. Plus, we'll cover feedback learning strategies for crystal clear communication between you and your patients through it all.


As with all our courses, this course is mostly hands-on lab. Please note participants will not be required to perform all the exercises demonstrated in the course.

At the completion of this seminar, the participant will be able to...

  • Learn to effectively progress exercises systematically towards patient individualized goals
  • Understand neuroplasticity and stability motor control concepts to enhance patient outcomes with exercise
  • Implement impactful and effective communication strategies to improve patient centered feedback
  • Identify possible movement dysfunctions and incorporate corrective exercise treatment techniques
  • Accurately describe the significance and application of the test-treat-retest concept
  • Learn a treatment framework for corrective exercise prescription
  • Enhance home exercise programming for patient compliance 



Doors Open


Lecture: Introduction and Components of Corrective Exercise


Lecture and Lab: Neuroplasticity and Stability Motor Control


Lecture and Lab: Communication Strategies - Feedback & Motor Learning


Lecture: Fundamentals and Treatment Principles of Exercise Progression


Lunch (On your own)


Lecture and Lab: Movement Dysfunction and Assessment


Lecture and Lab: Corrective Exercises and Case Studies


Questions, Post-Test, and Course Evaluation



Course Instructors

Robyn Meyers


Robyn graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Master’s degree in Kinesiology-Athletic Training and the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science & Health Promotion. She is a licensed Athletic Trainer with a wide range of experience working in high school athletics, collegiate athletics, and outpatient physical therapy. At the University of Arkansas, she primarily worked with the football and gymnastics teams. At the University of Michigan, she was the Athletic Trainer with track and field, and cheerleading. She coached gymnastics for over 20 years and served as a club head coach for 4 years. Robyn has assisted with over 10 different GLS courses across the nation since 2018. She is passionate about helping patients feel empowered to achieve their goals and utilizes a holistic integrative treatment approach. Robyn currently works at Trinity Health Probility Physical Therapy. She enjoys gymnastics, yoga, rock climbing, running, hiking, and paddle boarding.

Robyn Meyers

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