Become a CIMT

Our Certified Integrated Manual Therapist (CIMT) program is designed to create the ideal roadmap towards becoming a great manual therapist. This program will train therapists to assess dysfunction from a whole-body perspective, while "connecting the dots" from where the driver of the pain is located to where the symptoms are appearing, using an eclectic manual therapy approach. Over the 4 days of the Synthesis CIMT Certification course, taught by Patrick Hoban, registrants will learn new advanced techniques and review materials that integrate all the prerequisite courses and help shape thinking about treating dysfunction. The fourth and final day of Synthesis is a comprehensive written, oral, and lab examination.


Meet Patrick Hoban

Patrick has been a Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer since 1994. He graduated from Grand Valley State University and started Great Lakes Seminars in 1996. He is the co-owner and Clinical Director for Great Lakes Seminars and is also the president of Probility Physical Therapy. Probility is a company which has 13 clinics in the Southeast, MI area. He has created the manual therapy courses for Great Lakes Seminars and has trained the instructors to ensure high quality courses and effective, consistent delivery. 

Syntesis Requirements

Syntesis Requirements

Synthesis CIMT Certification is only open to physical therapists. All registrants must complete the nine prerequisite courses listed below before they are eligible to register for Synthesis. There are no restrictions on the order of the prerequisite courses or how quickly you must complete them before Synthesis. We encourage all registrants to ensure there is sufficient time to gain a working knowledge of the techniques before sitting for the certification.


Click here for our Synthesis Registration and Cancellation Policy.

Prerequisite Courses

The Synthesis prerequisite courses are listed below. Courses marked in blue are required for all registrants. You also must choose one of the two courses related to Extremities and one of the two courses related to Myofascial Release (all marked in purple) for a total of nine prerequisite courses. Click on a course to learn more information and register.


Choose One Extremities Course and One MFR Course