6 Benefits of Hosting a Private Course for Your Team

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There are many benefits to hosting a private continuing education course for your team, let’s dive in! Great Lakes Seminars has booked an all-time record number of private continuing education courses this year and already have significant interest and bookings for next year.  Private courses have always been a popular option, but have continued to increase in popularity the last few years. 

What is a private course? This hosting option allows you to choose the exact course and timeframe that you would like to bring a continuing education course to your clinic, and it is completely private for just your team! 

Here are the 6 main benefits of hosting a private course for your team:

You choose the course.

No more waiting and hoping for courses that you are interested in to come to your area! You can choose any of our courses listed on our website and bring that course straight to your team. For example, if your team wants to expand their knowledge for the foot and ankle but we do not have our Comprehensive Foot and Ankle course scheduled to come to your area, no need to worry! When you book a private course, you get to pick the exact course you want and we will bring it straight to you. 

You choose the date.

Are there a few specific dates that work best for your team?  Do you want to host a course in the summer or avoid it?  No problem. When you book a private course, you provide some preferred dates that work best for you and your team and we take it from there. We work with our instructors and their availability to make sure you get the course you want on the date you want.  A date that actually works for most or all of your team.

Continuity of care.

Regardless of how the workflow is at your clinic, there is typically some level of sharing patients. When you host a private course, your entire team is learning together. Learning the same content, hearing the same directions, practicing on each other, and asking questions together. When you share patients, they can feel comfortable that they will get the same high-quality care from a different clinician. 

Team building.

Private courses are open to your team and your team only. Learning together, with just your team is a truly great experience. Your culture bleeds into the course. You can focus on challenges your team experiences and we tailor the course to meet the needs of your team. Learning together also turns into a fun time. This is the ultimate best of both worlds… learning effective, hands-on techniques that fulfill your continuing education requirements and having a blast while doing it.

Reduced turnover.

It is generally accepted, and supported through research with our focus group, that one of the top priorities of your staff is the desire to be developed. Ultimately, clinicians that do not feel confident helping their patients get better will inevitably become frustrated, less engaged, and more often look for development with another company. Hosting a private course develops their skills and makes a statement to them that you are serious about helping them become the best possible clinician so they can provide the best care for their patients. 

It is a great value.

Private course rates are 30% lower than our traditional course rates, so you instantly have great savings. You also need to factor in that there is no travel costs (flights, hotels, etc), which can often approach or exceed the cost of the course. This level of savings allows you to focus your professional development budget on actually developing your team.

There are many other benefits of hosting a private course with Great Lakes Seminars, these are just the ones that we hear the most.  We have mastered the art of booking a private course and setting you up for success in the months and weeks leading up to it – we make it easy!  Click on the buttons below to complete a private course interest form or to learn more about private courses with Great Lakes Seminars.

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