Techniques You Can Use Monday Morning

Our course structure provides the practical and advanced skills you need to give better care. Our comprehensive seminar curriculum includes evaluation and treatment algorithms, mobilization, manipulation, MFR, MFR with movement, taping, a functional approach to strengthening, self-treatment, and more. You’ll finish the course feeling confident and eager to utilize your new techniques on your patients right away!

25% Classroom

Learn the techniques, backed by clinical research and evidence-based medicine, in a classroom setting taught by passionate and highly experienced physical therapy instructors.

75% Hands-On Learning

Hands-on learning provides every registrant an opportunity to test new techniques in a real-life setting, so they feel confident in using them on their patients by Monday morning.

“Just wanted you to know I have had no hip pain the past 2 nights! The new stuff you did Tuesday did miraculously work so far! Not that being contorted was great but had great results!”

- Patient about a GLS registrant

What Makes the GLS Approach Different?

Our approach is to not lock you into any one narrow way of treating. We believe in allowing clinicians to find their best path to professional development and greatness in treating. GLS founder, Patrick Hoban, has synthesized multiple treatment paradigms into the GLS philosophy of evaluation and treatment, as well as always being open to how other approaches are different than ours can still have great validity and success.

Teaching Techniques & Principles

We incorporate a wide range of treatment principles and techniques in our courses to help ensure the best possible learning experience.

Provide Better Care. Build Your Confidence.

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