Kelly holds a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from Grand Valley State University.  Kelly received her Bachelor’s degree from Eastern Michigan University where she was a NCAA Division One athlete and Captain of the Women’s Soccer Team.  As a Certified Integrated Manual Therapist, Kelly is credentialed through Great Lakes Seminars to assess mechanical dysfunction from a holistic perspective, and she is very comprehensive in her treatment approach.  She uses a wide variety of manual therapy techniques, functional exercise, and patient education to provide people with an exceptionally high quality of care.  She treats orthopedically across the entire age spectrum from birth to adult to geriatrics.  Kelly created the GLS Finding Dysfunction course with a passion to teach clinicians how to think systematically; find the root of the patient’s problem on day-one, and eliminate the potential for misdiagnosis.  Kelly is a Physical Therapist and Clinic Director at Probility Physical Therapy, a Trained Steward of the leadership methodology Intentional Energetic Presence (IEP) and uses her experience in these areas to create and sustain thriving businesses and cultures.



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