Emerging Leader Coaching

Our Emerging Leader Coaching program is designed to develop leaders in physical therapy and related fields. You may be a new clinic director, hope to be a clinic director or team lead in the future, or are simply looking to develop your professional leadership skills. No matter your current position, this program will teach you valuable skills for greater career and life satisfaction.


Through the program, you will learn specific concepts such as earning and keeping trust, building resiliency, how to speak effectively, and leading beyond today. During each 2-hour Zoom session, we will work through these important concepts so you can apply them to your life, wherever you are in your professional journey. The seven sessions complement each other well, offering abundant benefits when you register for the Full Program. However, you are welcome to complete individual sessions on their own if certain topics interest you.


Make a commitment to develop yourself and your career with this exciting new program! Scroll down for more information and to register.

Emerging Leader Program Schedule

No scheduled sessions at this time.

At the completion of the program, you will be able to…

  • Correctly describe the how 7 different muscles or joints  can cause overpronation
  • Correctly perform 2 shoulder, 4 elbow and 2 wrist joint mobilizations to improve tennis elbow
  • Correctly perform 5 MFR techniques to improve scapular mobility
  • Correctly perform 5 joint mobilizations to improve headaches
  • Correctly describe the how 8 different muscles or joints can cause snapping in the hip
  • Correctly perform 4 MFR techniques to improve pain in the shoulder from the rib
  • Correctly state 5 key anatomical structures of the lower quarter and their application to joint mechanics, movement and dysfunction
  • Correctly perform 4 joint mobilizations to improve knee flexion
  • Correctly perform 4 MFR techniques to improve shoulder internal rotation
  • Correctly perform 8 joint mobilizations to improve pain or loss of ROM in the knee

All sessions 10am – 12pm EST. See below for descriptions of each session topic.

Session 1

February 24, 2024

Session 2

March 9, 2024

Session 3

March 23, 2024

Session 4

April 6, 2024

Session 5

April 20, 2024

Session 6

May 4, 2024

Session 7

May 18, 2024

Refuse to be a limited leader.

Unlock your potential to become an inspirational leader through an in depth understanding of the purpose that drives you to lead. This first session will help you to gain greater perspective on the only true motive for growing in your leadership journey, which is to serve.

The one thing that influences everything!

The ability to earn trust is the key leadership competency and will either accelerate your leadership journey or derail it. Multiply your influence and your impact by understanding the facets of trust and how to earn it, give it and build it into your greatest resource.

The loudest message is the one that you set.

All great leaders have the ability to communicate effectively. Gain a greater understanding of how to connect with others so that your message is felt, not heard.  This session will explore the keys to communication, having courageous difficult conversations and the art of storytelling.

The best way to predict the future is to create it, one step at a time.

There is no secret success formula to an impactful life. This session will uncover the foundational elements that will allow you to create a productive day that you are proud of. When done repeatedly, your days turn into months, and your months into the most impactful year of your life.

A healthy culture is the foundation of any cohesive and effective team.

Great Leaders don’t leave culture to chance, they create the culture they desire every day. This session will lead to a greater understanding of how to build an outstanding culture, executing an effective meeting, becoming a competent and efficient decision maker and the regular practice of gratitude and appreciation. We will also cover  the tactical strategies of hiring the right people.

The battle lies within.

Resilience is often described by what we do after experiencing setbacks while neglecting what we can do today to build resilience proactively. Gain a greater understanding of the keys to becoming a resilient leader before adversity strikes. Through perspective, purpose and a dynamic balance between performance and pleasure, the resilient leader is armed to take on life’s most difficult challenges.

“Playing small does not serve the world.”

Leadership is more than a title; it is a commitment to making an impact. Leading beyond the circumstances of today, requires a devotion to lifelong learning, being comfortable doing the things that others are unwilling to do, and remaining coachable when you are not in charge. Become a leadership multiplier!


  • Are the sessions live? Yes, all sessions are live via Zoom.
  • Do I have to attend live? While we encourage you to attend as many live sessions as possible, we know that is not always doable. All registrants will receive a recording of each session after it is held.
  • Who is allowed to register? Any PT/PTA/OT/ATC looking to advance their leadership skills.
  • Does this count as CEUs? No, our coaching programs are not worth any CEU credit. They are intended for content only.
  • Will I receive any materials? Yes, session lecture slides will be sent close to each session date.
  • What software do I need? The sessions will be broadcast via Zoom, which can be accessed on a computer, tablet or phone.
  • Do I have to sign up for the Full Program? Although these topics build on each other, they are also designed to be stand alone sessions. You can register for either the Full Emerging Leader Coaching Program or individual sessions.


Steve Baynai


Steve has been fortunate to practice leadership nearly his whole life, making it his passion and mission over the past 10 years to serve others in a way that helps to maximize their potential. Currently, Steve is a partner in a PT practice where he not only owns and leads his own clinic, but also works alongside and mentors many of their Clinic Directors. Steve has also helped found, grow, and lead a pre-school thru 12th grade private, liberal-arts school called Archangels Academy. Additionally, he has helped grow several small startups. However, Steve’s most important leadership role is husband to an amazing wife and father to five wonderful children.

In every domain of life, Steve has sought to add value to his relationships, and the Emerging Leader Coaching program is no different. His goal for this program is to equip registrants with the tools they need to lead at a higher level and have a positive impact on the world. John Quincy Adams summed leadership up best, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, become more, you are a leader.”

Emerging Leader Coaching Instructor Headshot

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