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Discounts do not apply to 1-day courses (except for Course Host Employee discount), live webinars nor Synthesis.
Please note that only one discount is allowed per course registrant for a given course.


Group Discount: Registrants are eligible for a group discount of $50 off each registration when at least three people from a group register together. Each registrant must list the other names of the group members at registration. All people in the group do not need to register at the same time, but the discount will only be honored when at least three people in a group register.


Referred by a Friend: Registrants who have been referred by a friend are eligible for $50 off any 2-day course. This discount is only eligible for 14 days after their friend/colleague attends another GLS course.


Multi-Course Discount - Two possible ways to utilize this discount:
1. Sign up for two or more courses at the same time and receive a $50 discount off of the second and any additional courses. One of these registrations must include a 2-day course
2. Register for a course within 14 days of attending a GLS course. One of these registrations must include a 2-day course.


Repeat Course: Repeat the same 2-day course for 50% off of the full price. Please note that both the original and current courses have to be public courses, private courses do not qualify for this discount.


Military Discount: GLS is happy to offer $100 off of a 2-day course to all active military and veterans. Please send a copy of your military ID to or fax to 800-889-0358 after registering.


Course Host Employee: Employees of a facility that is hosting a course are eligible to register for that specific 2-day course for $425 or one day course for $200.  Please note that this discount is only applicable for courses actually hosted by a registrant’s employer. You must register with your work email address to qualify.


CIMT Discount: GLS is happy to offer a $75 discount on any live course to all Certified Integrated Manual Therapists. Please note that this only applies to 2-day courses you have not taken before, since the repeat course discount would apply to any courses you are repeating.