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Course Description


Learn. Grow. LEAD! Virtual Group Leadership Training Program

What is the single most important thing that you can do to help yourself have a successful and happy career and life in general? Your personal development. Although we love helping you learn techniques to treat your patients better than ever before, this program focuses on you as a person, developing the leader within you. There is a reason that airlines say to put the oxygen on yourself before someone you are caring for - you need to take care of yourself before you can help others. Emotional Intelligence continues to outpace IQ as a predictor of reliable success. The fact is that we are the lids on our own career and our overall happiness. Develop yourself as a leader and you remove this lid to become a better therapist, advance in your career, lead your team better and be better at home.  

Over the years, Patrick Hoban has been adding leadership concepts into the con ed courses he teaches due to his passion for leadership development. Our registrants have frequently asked for more leadership content so we are proud to roll out this succinct, learnable, leadership program. We have seen the information in this program have a profound impact for the people that have learned it and we know that it can have the same impact for you.  

Click the View Schedule button below for details of when our next cohort will begin. Our first cohort sold out in two weeks! Scroll further down this page to see the outline of all 10 sessions. This program can also be offered as a private program for just your team or any individual session can be done as a private stand-alone session. Email us at for more details.

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Program Details

* All sessions are broadcast live via Zoom. No travel required.

* Sessions are 3.5 hours long, one Saturday each month, for 10 months.

* All sessions will be recorded and available for you on-demand if you are unable to make a session.

* Cohorts are small and will not be increased once they fill up. 

* All members of our group leadership training program will also receive a one year GLS All Digital Subscription. This subscription is a $399 value and provides unlimited live webinars and unlimited online courses. This has helped many of our registrants gain con ed reimbursement from their employer.

* Too busy to read the suggested readings? We provide detailed summaries that only take about 15 minutes to complete. The only true pre-requisite is your desire to develop yourself.




Group Coaching Schedule

Course Objectives

At the completion of our Learn. Grow. LEAD! Virtual Group Coaching program, you will:

  • Discover your "why" in life and work to help you craft a career that you love.
  • Have a 1 and 5 year vision built around your values that can help guide you.
  • Be able to successfully have difficult conversations at work and at home.
  • Be able to show up as a servant leader that people truly want to follow, and understand the responsibility that goes with leading.
  • Understand the relationship between your strengths and weaknesses in leading and understanding how your strengths can become a weakness.
  • Truly feel great about your ability to lead, regardless of your setting, and feel confident about your future.

Course Instructors

Patrick Hoban


Patrick has studied leadership for the last 20 years and dedicated a significant part of his life to creating his own style of leadership.  He began teaching and coaching leadership 5 years ago and has done everything from one-on-one coaching, to group coaching, to being the keynote speaker of leadership summits with hundreds of people. He has learned leadership from mentors of his own and from reading countless books on the topic, but mostly from working with his own leadership coach for almost a decade.  He has built a thriving, culture-centered and emotionally intelligent company with 250 people with the principles that are the foundation of this leadership training program.  Moreover, he has helped both leaders and leaders-to-be know themselves on a deeper level and become happier, both at work and home. Finally, Patrick has taken what he has learned over the years and condensed it into a succinct, learnable leadership program.  He has seen this program work well at all levels, ranging from experienced leader to a new grad!  As he often says, you can’t be a great leader if you aren’t striving to be a great person - so come join us in striving for greatness.

Patrick Hoban
Kelly Poppaw

Kelly Poppaw


Kelly has spent much of her life and career working on self-development and personal growth. She believes the skills she has a physical therapist and teacher are far better utilized because she has worked so hard at knowing herself. Kelly has completed over 15 personal growth and development courses, has worked with a private leadership coach, and continuously reads books on the topic. What truly makes Kelly special as a leadership coach is the passion she has for the self improvement of those she works with. Kelly coaches leaders one-on-one through her own consulting business, and mentors her staff as a Clinic Director at Probility Physical Therapy. She is proud to say above anything else that has enriched their bottom line, it is their strong culture and staff’s sense of purpose and ability to live and operate by their core values. As a writer, Kelly contributes to the C-Suite column for the National Business Education Association on leadership topics, including the true value of core values and its effect on a company’s bottom line. She is certified to teach group workshops using Anese Cavanaugh’s Inentional Energetic Presence Method®, helping people improve their leadership by taking an inside-out approach and focusing on their intentions, energy, and presence. She believes the most important thing you can do to be happy in work and life is to care for yourself first.

Course Outline

Topics by Month

Month 1

It Is All About You - Self Assessment - Personal and Professional

Month 2

Creating and Writing a Vision for Personal and Professional Success

Month 3

The Foundation for Leadership Success - Beliefs, Values, Principles and Culture

Month 4

Finding Your Why in Life and Work

Month 5

How to Show Up as a Confident and Happy Leader that People Will Follow

Month 6

Keys to Leadership - Emotional Intelligence

Month 7

Keys to Leadership - Communication and Difficult Conversations

Month 8

Keys to Leadership - Types of Leadership / Building a Team

Month 9

Keys to Leadership - Dealing with Problems - Within Ourselves and Others

Month 10

Happiness, Living Your Mission, Self Actualization and Legacy