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Leadership Program Testimonials

Here are some the comments that we received from a September 2020 Survey we sent out to people that have learned these same leadership concepts.


How has this leadership training/ approach helped you as a leader?

* The ability to connect with people is such an important aspect of being a leader, and I feel this has been my biggest area of growth during training! I have learned to stay curious to understand where other people are coming from, and have learned how to find common ground in beliefs and goals in order to progress a working relationship.

* It has helped me see things from a different perspective.  By understanding myself, I can serve others better.

* I realized the stark difference between being a boss or manager and being a leader. I have grown immensely during this time. I approach leading teams in a different and more productive way.

* "Negativity is a loss of perspective" - A leader will lead through example and will inspire others to follow, not force them - By truly understanding others' personality types and how they communicate and learn, you can better interact with them and become a better co-worker, friend, and partner.


Why would you suggest anyone else go through this leadership training?

* I didn't realize how much his teaching would positively affect my personal life. I feel happier and have a larger understanding about how I present to the world and how I can positively affect / serve others.

* It would be a tremendous benefit for anybody who has aspirations of becoming a leader/person of authority. Otherwise it would still have a tremendous benefit for anyone who will have to deal with other people in that it will help them learn how to be more multi-dimensional with a more elegant approach to relationships with others and oneself as well.

* If you feel stuck in how you approach people in your life. If you feel like you need to grow I this area and are not sure where to start, Patrick's leadership training will be the catalyst to get things in motion. You will grow personally and professionally if you take this step and make this investment.


What are 2-3 of the biggest take aways from this Leadership training?

* The importance of reflection. The need to keep working on emotional intelligence and focus on the areas that I need improvement. The entire lecture on difficult conversations and having the discussion as an "us against the problem" rather than a "you against me" situation.

* 1. Work on yourself first. Know where there are growth areas and make it your mission to improve. 2. Think about how to make a positive impact through what you do as a leader vs. what's in it for you. 3. Servant leadership is the only real leadership that will make a lasting impact.

* Communication, awareness, and being able to set personal goals with confidence to achieve them.


How has this leadership training/ approach helped you in your personal life?

* I believe it has encouraged me to communicate better by opening up each conversation with the intent to listen and learn.  Whether you work the several people, interact with family members, or your spouse, this class can only help your ability to build relationships.

* It has helped me grow as a person and understand why I do things are respond/behave certain ways as well as the effect that has on others. It also has helped me learn how to better deal with others and understand them. This has helped improve the way I interact with my significant other and has lead to deep conversations with her to help both of us better understand each other. This also applies to other members of my family.

* Leadership training has allowed me to help take control of difficult conversations within my work and business relationships as well as to help me find my "why?" when it comes to professional and personal aspirations. I now have tangible goals I strive to achieve in and out of the workplace, and I am honestly a happier person now.


What have been some things that have surprised your from going through this leadership training?

I had to toss aside what I thought leadership was and really focus on what it is. One example is being a servant leader first.  I finally understand what that is and how to apply it both personally and professional. Not always easy to do but very necessary.

I didn't realize how much his teaching would positively affect my personal life. I feel happier and have a larger understanding about how I present to the world and how I can positively affect / serve others.

I was surprised by how you can use this training to leader employees, spouses, kids, sports teams, and most of all myself.